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Greenery/Public Enjoyment

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The project will make use of vegetation to enhance the green environment for the rock slopes and the buildings. The landscaped features include an at-grade Piazza, tree planting on slope berm, roof greening and vertical greening, integrating the buildings into the natural environment and thus improve its harmony with the nearby environment.

Public Enjoyment
This project will provide an at-grade piazza between the two buildings, landscaped areas on the roofs and a viewing deck connecting the two buildings’ roof level for public enjoyment.
  • At-grade Piazza
    The piazza connects the entrance of the two facilities and nearby road for public access. There will be plants in the piazza. As the facilities are located in an ex-quarry, existing quarry site rock and boulders shall form a showcase in the piazza to allow the public to engage and learn about the natural elements around the site.
  • Rooftop Garden
    To promote a healthy lifestyle, the rooftop garden on the two buildings will be provided with jogging track for the public. There will be plants to provide a comfortable amenity area.
  • Viewing Deck
    The viewing deck will be built along the rock slope surface to enhance users’ visual/physical connection with the city (e.g. the East Kowloon). The design will integrate well with the rock slope and aim to showcase the majestic view of the surrounding area for the user to enjoy it from the higher level.